“Talkin’ bout my generation.”

Born at a very young age.  Learned to speak about a year into this life.  Very shy until I saw Elvis on Ed Sullivan and decided that was the kind of fun I wanted to have.  Eight years later there we were again in front of the TV for Ed Sullivan and there they were “The Beatles!”  There didn’t seem to be anything cooler in the world than guitars, bass and drums when John, Paul, George and Ringo made them come to life.  Sports, you bet.  Football, basketball, baseball and track in high school.  But then came college at Wilkes University where my dad taught languages.  Then again, broadcasting school in D.C. seemed like a better option.  I promised my dad if he staked me to the tuition that I would make a go of a radio career.  That was more years ago than I’m willing to admit, but I did make a go of it.

Thanks to a chance to relocate to Detroit in 1976 I started seeking voice over work and realized how much I had to learn about proper voice over technique.  After trying three times I finally became the commercial voice of WKBD TV 50 in Detroit in 1983 and have been ever since.  Continued learning the art of communicating effectively with my voice and went from being a non-union voice talent to a SAG/AFTRA player!  Took acting classes and continued my life-long obsession with movies by paying attention to how the best did what they did on screen.  Finally got a movie role (“Streetboss”, 2008, my one and only IMDB credit).  Some of the best ad agencies and production companies in Detroit began calling me for work on accounts like Oldsmobile, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Mr Goodwrench, Buick and Audi.  Universal in Hollywood even signed me up to voice their “Halloween Horror Night” promo a few years ago.

The voice over landscape is much different today, but it’s still full of possibilities and oppportunities and I’m still working to make sure my clients get exactly what they need.