Blogging About Talking

I’m not used to blogging, but I am pretty good at talking. Blogging about talking ought to be interesting. For many people, just learning not to be afraid of their own voice is a major accomplishment. I always tell my voice-acting students: “that’s your voice. Get used to it. Learn to play it and have fun with it.” That’s your first best option. If you can’t do that, well… there’s always barber college.
Deciding that you want to learn to use your voice to do more than order fries with that, means you’ll need an inexpensive way to record your voice and then the time to practice. Most mp3 players that are on the market today have a record function so pick one up from your favorite retainer and start talking. My suggestion is to read anything. Fiction, non-fiction, magazine ads (make sure you change the context for use as a verbal message instead of a visual message) technical or medical material or comic books. Record yourself and then listen back to hear how you did. The important thing for you to understand is that with different approaches to specific kinds of voice work, you need a reference point if you’re a beginner. Find examples of the many categories of voice-acting demos at Once you click on “Demos” you can begin clicking on the individual talent agents and listen to the talent they represent. That’s where some of the best talent in the business can be heard. Take some time and start paying attention to what the various kinds of reads need to be.
I’ll have more soon. Now go practice!